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Isabella Marsail — Love the Way You Lie

December 8th, 2014

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Isabella Marsail — Say Something (cover)

December 8th, 2014

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Live on 850 KOA, breaking down so-called liberal media bias

August 8th, 2012

No 'liberal media bias' lip service here, but a great discussion about media — liberal, conservative, other — and the short memory that many long ago immigrants have of America. Live on 850 KOA.

Bert Sugar, Boxing Historian, Writer, has died

March 26th, 2012

In a world of chicken scratch texting and emoticons, Bert Sugar spoke in soliloquies that left me scrambling for a dictionary whenever I hung up the phone.

He was the Muhammad Ali of boxing writers, a man who made the world more compelling, more entertaining and funnier than should be allowed by law just by opening his mouth.

Bert succumbed to lung cancer Sunday at the age of 75, surrounded by his family at Northern Westchester Medical Center.

I imagine his trademark Fedora was nearby. Boy, if that hat could talk.

Read the full article here on BleacherReport.com.

Goeff Downes, keyboardist for the Buggles, Asia joins LRL

January 20th, 2011

Kim Carnes, 30 years after Bette Davis Eyes, joins LRL

January 12th, 2011

Kim Carnes, the two-time Grammy Award winner noted for her distinctive raspy vocals, joins Lou Rom Live to talk about her long and under-appreciated songwriting career -- which includes the Kenny Rogers concept album, Gideon -- and her iconic Bette Davis Eyes, which in 1981, was Song of the Year and one of the top songs of the decade.

Elliot Mintz, 30 years later, remembers John Lennon

December 9th, 2010

Elliot Mintz, who first interviewed John Lennon in 1971 and became a close personal friend of John and Yoko Ono over the next decade, joined Lou Rom Live on the 30th anniversary of Lennon's death, Dec. 8th, 2010. Elliot shot hundreds of hours of video and audio of John and Yoko over the years, at their London flat and at a home they shared in Japan. He is also featured in two documentaries on Lennon -- The U.S. vs. John Lennon and Imagine: John Lennon. In 1988, he began a radio series, The Lost Lennon Tapes, which featured previously unreleased tracks, rehearsals, compositions , interviews and home recordings of John and Yoko.  

Steve Sabol, of NFL Films, on Don Meredith’s Death

December 6th, 2010

Steve Sabol, of NFL Films, joins LRL to look back on the career of Dandy Don Meredith, who died Sunday, Dec. 5th, of a brain aneurysm. Meredith played nine years for the Cowboys, and quarterbacked Dallas in the infamous Ice Bowl of '67 and teamed with Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford to form the best broadcast trio ever.

Chuck Panozzo of Styx joins LRL

December 4th, 2010

Chuck Panozzo, co-founder of Styx, joins LRL on Friday, Dec. 3rd, to talk about the ongoing tour, the band's glory days, and just about everything else under the sun. The band will play the House of Blues in New Orleans on Jan.6th before it heads to Texas for a few dates. Check out the interview and the show. Click here for tickets.

Gov. Blanco defends President Bush’s criticism in Decision Points

November 18th, 2010

A day after President George W. Bush's book, Decision Points, is released, former La Governor Kathleen Blanco defends her Hurricane Katrina response and tackles President Bush's account of that fateful week in his book.